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Marketing Through Education


Everyone knows the old adage, “you learn something new every day”….truer words have never been spoken when it comes to marketing your business whether it’s goods, services or the entire package.

We all engage existing clients and prospective clients on a daily basis however are you doing so with an emphasis on educating your client about your business? When it comes to our individual products and services, we ARE the teacher at the head of the class!

Here are a few tips to make educating your customer base an important part of your day-to-day operations.

How do you tell your story? What sets you apart from the rest? All End users have a thirst for knowledge when it is YOUR service or PRODUCT that they are interested in.

Share some not-so-well-known facets of your business, or how your existing customer base uses your goods or service(s). Create Rack Cards and/or Mailers to market your new educational role to current and prospective clients alike.

Everyone has a favorite teacher permanently embedded in their memory and the reason why they became a favorite!

Make your mark as Teacher of the Year for your business in non-traditional, fun ways – sure to not be forgotten!

Attention grabbing promotions and/or promotional items can always be integrated in to your area of expertise. In traditional and not-so-traditional ways – Customized Dry Erase boards could be placed behind your counter featuring a factoid about your business – not only does this educate your clients it opens the door to potential conversation thus leading to a better understanding of your service(s) and goods which in turn increases your profitability as well as solidifying relationships. Your clients will appreciate learning something new each day and you may gain a new understanding of your client base and just may learn something new about your business too!



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