Business Cards

Business Cards: Introduce yourself with a handshake, and make a statement with a quality printed business card from Creative Print Services.

Professionally printed business cards offer great returns for a very small investment. A well printed business card provides you with:

  • a link to your client with a physical reminder of you and the business you represent
  • brand recognition for your business
  • an open line of communication
  • a means of referring business

changing business cards at a business networking event, dropping off a card to a prospective customer, or enclosing your card in correspondence to your accounts, the business card is your link to potential sales and increased revenues.

Producing a business card is the same as producing a brochure, flyer, or any other marketing piece. It begins with a vision for how you want your business to be visually represented on paper.

  • Start with a basic concept of the layout for printed details on the card. Card formats may be set in a traditional style or span a wide range of multicolor inks to full color graphics and images.
  • Include business logos – tag lines – and colors to brand your business card with recognizable features that relate it directly to your business.
  • Add your personal information and contact details. Consider what information you would verbally provide to your customer that will enable them to communicate with you. That information translated in print on your business card serves the same purpose.
  • Consider adding printed content to the back of your business card. The card back is added space to expand upon your business offerings, but may also be a means to make your business card that much more useful to your client by incorporating reference information i.e. a map of your business location, a calendar, appointment fields, or note space. You might also use the backer as a creative sales tool by including coupons or promotional offerings.

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