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Postcards are one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to attract attention and increase sales. A well designed postcard featuring bright colors and eye-catching images makes it easy to capture the interest of your customers. Use postcards for direct mail advertising or pass them out at events or tradeshows.

The small size lends itself to making a direct appeal that is brief and to the point. Customers will give a postcard a quick look, and that is all that’s needed to get your message heard. You might find postcards to be an ideal way to promote a fundraiser, remind clients of upcoming appointments, extend your thanks, or as an invitation to a special event.

Postcards can be produced in a variety of sizes; standard small cards are 4x6 or 4.25x6, and medium to large sizes at 5x7, up to 6x9 or larger.

Card stocks used for postcards are generally in the range of 80# to 120#, or 10pt. to 14pt. Choosing the right stock for the card can make a difference. Be mindful of whether there will be handwriting or ink jet printing on one or both sides. Uncoated stock is ink friendly and accepts pen and imprinting of addresses. Coated stock is smooth and comes in glossy, satin, or dull finishes. Coated stocks are available with coating on one (C1S) or both sides C2S), and make it easy to produce a card with a glossy front, but uncoated back to add your own personal message or signature.

There is also the option to add a surface coating of varnish, aqueous, or UV. This will give your full color card a richness of color that adds pop to the design.

Like any printed product, your postcard may be imprinted with single spot colors, as well as full color; and are frequently produced with a combination of full color on the front with 1-color on the back (usually black ink).

However they are run, you will enjoy this economical way this gets your business message out there. An added advantage is that postcards produced in small quantities have a fast turnaround, and are very easy on the budget.

We think you will find that postcards can be a valuable addition to your marketing plans. Contact a sales or service representative at Creative Print Services for a price quote, and let us assist you in incorporating postcards in your next campaign.

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