Cut Sheets

Cut sheets are utilized for statements, ledger sheets, journal sheets, letterheads, time cards, inventory cards, memo pads, etc. Office laser printers* and copy machines process cut sheets.

Cut sheets are inexpensive and can be produced quickly in small runs, up to hundreds of thousands at a time. Cut sheets are also called flat forms, and singles. Available features produced when the cut sheets are imprinted are numbering, perforating, and hole punching.

*Paper (stock) for cut sheets may be determined by the equipment used to work with the finished forms. Laser printers operate at a higher temperature and may have an impact on performance if the paper weight and texture is not appropriate for the equipment. The minimum weight is 20#, but can be heavier weight as well (i.e. 24#, 28#).

Cut sheets are also used for padded products. Padding is a process where cut sheets are counted into the requested quantity per pad and adding a piece of chipboard for backing. Padding adhesive is applied to the end of the stack forming the tear off edge of the pad.

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