Unit Sets - (Multi-Part Forms)

Unit sets are easy to use and provide flexibility during operations as they can be written by hand, by machine, or both. The number of parts is determined by the number of copies needed from each unit. The most common are 2-part and 3-part forms, although it is not unusual to produce 4 or 5 part forms. Common Unit Set forms; purchase orders, invoices, bills of lading, weigh slips, voucher checks, and interoffice memo forms.

NCR (No Carbon Required) forms have made the use of multi-part forms that much easier, although carbon sheets can still be applied during the manufacture of unit sets.

Unit sets are come in stock formats, where they are preprinted with a standard size and layout. Customer specific information and numbering may be imprinted to personalize the form, but the benefit of using stock forms is a lower cost and faster turnaround time.

Custom unit sets have no limit to the design and construction. They are available with varying types and weights of paper stock, ink colors, and bindings that may include a margin stub with or without line holes, or edge gluing allowing for separation of the parts without a tear off margin.

Unit sets may be printed with the same copy on all parts, or copy may be different part to part. This is determined by how the form is used. Imprinted copy may be on one side, or both sides.

Marginal words may be printed on the form; usually at the bottom edge, but they can be located at some other area. Marginal words allow for the insertion of different copy on each part, but in the same position from part to part. Marginal words most frequently relate to the distribution of the individual sheets once the parts are separated, (i.e. Accounting Dept., Shipping/Receiving, Sales Dept., etc.)

Numbering is frequently applied to unit sets and is printed in consecutive order. Numbering may be in more than one position on page. Additional bindery services offer further options and custom features.

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