Warehousing and Distribution

At Creative, we consider the value-added features of on-line ordering (QNET), warehousing, inventory management, and distribution to represent the core components of our ‘creative services’. Our locally owned and operated warehouse and distribution facility has the capacity to handle bulk shipments, ‘pick and pack’, kit fulfillment, same day, overnight, just in time, or drop shipment deliveries to multiple locations.

Personalized inventory management is maintained on site for all CPS inventoried products. Creative works with you to ensure that your inventory items are maintained at the optimum level. Routine physical counts, in line with monthly reporting of warehoused stock, is the balance between product deliveries and restock ordering, and lessens inventory shortage and out of stock situations.

Distribution is easy. Just contact us by phone, fax, or online message, and we will release your items from the warehouse. Even better – if you are a registered user of our QNET system, you release just the items you need through the QNET online management system, and the rest is automated here.

We will meet or exceed your shipping/receiving expectations, and you can count on guaranteed friendly and accommodating service when you see Creative’s truck at your door.

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